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Brave Browser Usage Statistics 2024 (New Data)


As of November 2023, Brave, based on transparency data, reports an impressive user base, with approximately 24 million daily active users and 65 million active monthly users. 

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Brave Browser Usage Statistics 

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Additionally, the platform boasts a community of over 16,000 verified creators, highlighting its popularity among both daily users and content creators alike.

Brave Browser has consistently demonstrated year-on-year growth since its inception. While its share in the global browser market is relatively small, its expanding array of distinctive features positions it as a compelling choice for numerous users.

The following collection of Brave statistics offers valuable insights for users and marketers globally.

The following collection of Brave statistics offers valuable insights for users and marketers globally.

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What is Brave Browser

Brave is a free, open-source web browser created by Brave Software, Inc., utilizing the Chromium web browser as its foundation. Distinguished for its privacy-centric design, Brave automatically obstructs a majority of ads and website trackers by default. 

It introduces optional ads that compensate users with Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) for their engagement. BAT serves both as a cryptocurrency and a means to make payments to registered websites and content creators.

General  Brave Browser Facts & Statistics

- As of September 2022, Brave records approximately 133.5 million total visits, with a predominant male user base of 74.69%.

- Users aged 25 to 34 constitute around 31.14% of the Brave browser audience.

- Direct traffic contributes the majority of desktop visits to, as per the latest statistics.

- Brave reported 57.42 million monthly active users in August 2022, with a notable fourfold increase in ad platform revenue over the last 12 months.

- Brave Ads campaigns have hosted 7.5 billion ad confirmation events since inception.

- The Brave Marketer Podcast enters its 4th season with a threefold increase in subscribers since 2021.


- Brave Search registers approximately 2.3 billion annualized queries, showcasing its significant usage.

- The Brave browser boasts 1.3 million verified creators across platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch.

- Brave Ads campaigns exhibit an impressive average click-through rate (CTR) of 8%.

- Brave claims over 50 million monthly active users and around 15.5 million daily active users.


- In August 2023, attracted 50.4 million global visitors, marking an 18.4% increase from July 2023.

- Over the last six months of 2023, device contributions totaled 50.4 million, with mobile (30.2%) comprising 15.2 million and desktop (69.8%) constituting 35.1 million.

- The top countries contributing to Brave's traffic in 2023 are the United States (37.52%), India (5.49%), and France (4.55%), as per Brave Browser Statistics.

 Brave Browser Statistics by Demographics

- Approximately 31.14% of Brave browser users fall in the age range of 25 to 34, showing its appeal to a younger demographic.

- The majority of Brave visitors, around 74.69%, are men, while 25.31% are females.

- In 2021, Brave surpassed 50 million monthly active users (MAU), doubling its user base.

- Brave browser recorded around 15.5 million daily active users (DAU) last year, marking significant year-on-year growth.

- Brave Search has recorded approximately 2.3 billion annualized queries, experiencing rapid growth.

- The browser includes 1.3 million verified creators across platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch, showcasing a 30% increase.

- Brave Ads campaigns boast an impressive average click-through rate (CTR) of 8%, exceeding the industry median of 2%.

- recorded nearly 133.5 million total visitors as of September 2022, with continued attraction despite reduced traffic in September.

- Video Games & consoles and News are the most popular categories on, reflecting user interests.

- Since inception, Brave Ads campaigns have hosted 7.5 billion ad confirmation events, involving more than 5,000 campaigns from 900 advertisers, including major brands like PayPal, Ford, and Amazon.

- As of August 2022, Brave reported around 57.42 million monthly active users, indicating sustained growth.

- Brave acquired the open search engine Talicat in Q1 2021, leading to the release of Brave Search in Q2 2021, emphasizing privacy.

- The integrated crypto wallet, Brave Wallet, was launched in 2021, providing users a comprehensive solution for managing their crypto portfolio.

- Brave claims to be three times faster than Google Chrome, enhancing its appeal.

- Over 8 million users earn BAT currency through Brave Rewards, incentivizing users for viewing advertisements.

- The Brave Marketer Podcast is approaching its 4th season, gaining three times more subscribers since 2021 and accumulating around 55,000 unique listeners.

- Nearly 91% of Brave Marketer Podcast listeners convert into subscribers, consistently ranking among the top 5 to 10% of all podcasts.

- The fourth season of the Brave Marketer Podcast focuses on crypto marketing, featuring guests from, Solana, and NEAR Protocol.

- Approximately 88.15% of desktop visits to originate from direct traffic, indicating the platform's direct appeal to users.

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 Brave Browser Revenue Statistics

Brave, with a user base exceeding 50 million, holds only a 1% share of the global browser market. Despite its relatively small market presence, Brave's growth persists, attributed to its exceptional features and privacy-centric approach.

In 2021, the revenue from the Brave ad platform experienced remarkable growth, increasing over fourfold in the last 12 months.

This surge in revenue is linked to users earning Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) through privacy-preserving Brave ads, constituting 70% of the ad revenue share.



Brave Software, a privacy-focused browser company, currently boasts an estimated annual revenue of $52.5 million.

This translates to an approximate revenue per employee of $165,100. Notably, the company has secured a total funding amounting to $42 million, indicating a solid financial foundation for its operations and development.


Despite holding a mere 1% of the browser market share, Brave is experiencing consistent growth and regularly introducing innovative features to its browser. Over the past five years, Brave has steadily expanded its user base.

While Mozilla currently boasts four times more monthly active users than Brave, it grapples with maintaining its user numbers. Experts suggest that Brave's impressive growth rate could pose a formidable challenge to Mozilla.

If Brave's growth trajectory continues and Firefox's monthly active users remain stable, there's a possibility that Brave could surpass Mozilla in 2023.

These statistics underscore Brave's appeal to a specific user segment and its enduring presence in the browser landscape.