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Number of Publii Users (2024)

Publii stands out with its user-friendly interface, reminiscent of established server-based CMSs like WordPress or Joomla!. 

Users navigate a familiar environment to craft posts, shape site content, and personalize their websites using a range of built-in themes and customization options. 

The platform offers the best of both worlds: the speed and security of a static website combined with the convenience of a CMS.

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About Publii :

Publii introduces itself as a cutting-edge application revolutionizing static website creation. Its About page highlights the app's unique features, emphasizing its role in opening up innovative avenues for designing engaging websites. 

The creators of Publii bring a wealth of academic and practical expertise to the table, accumulated over many years.

Launched On 2016

Founders: Bob Mitro, Tomasz Dziuda dziudek.

Individual sponsors: Andrew Lewman, Eric Kendrick, Colin W., Mathias Van Aken, Christian Zierleyn.

Backed by:  VPNwelt, TidyCustoms,

Number of website users:  5,863 live websites 

Technology Used: HTML, Vue, JavaScript, SCSS, Handlebars, CSS. 

History of Publii 

Since its inception in 2016, Publii has evolved into a mature platform, establishing a robust ecosystem around its core product. This longevity speaks to its stability and the vibrant community that has formed around it. 

For those seeking a well-established and feature-rich solution for static website development, Publii stands out as a compelling choice.

The credit for the sleek design and user-friendly interface of Publii goes to none other than Bob Mitro. As the proprietor of TidyCustoms, an online company specializing in a comprehensive array of web design and optimization services, Bob brings a wealth of expertise to the table.

If you've been enjoying the seamless experience offered by Publii, it's thanks to Bob Mitro's dedication to delivering top-notch web solutions through TidyCustoms.

How Many Publii websites Are There?

As of now, there are 5,863 active websites currently employing Publii, showcasing its ongoing popularity and adoption. Furthermore, an additional 3,128 websites have historically utilized Publii, underlining its past relevance and widespread usage in the online domain.

Publii usage growth

This data illustrates the continued and historical presence of Publii across a diverse range of websites.

Publii  User Growth

The usage and market shares of Publii are dissected based on the popularity ranges of Alexa rankings, specifically among the top 1 million sites, top 100,000 sites, top 10,000 sites, and the top 1,000 sites.

Publii Year growth

The data not only indicates Publii's prevalence within these brackets but also highlights its ranking among all content management systems within each range.

Additionally, the report sheds light on Publii's standing relative to its competitors, revealing insights into its popularity and competitiveness in the dynamic landscape of content management technologies.

Based on Google Trends data, there has been a noteworthy surge in searches related to Publii keywords. This uptick in search activity signifies a clear and substantial increase in both the demand for and usage of Publii.

The trend suggests a growing interest and engagement with Publii-related content, underscoring its relevance and popularity in the digital landscape.


Data for the past 5 years

Publii 5 years Trends

Data for the past 12 months

Publii 1year trend

Publii  Traffic

As at November 2023, the website attracted approximately 53,500 visitors. This substantial traffic indicates a notable level of engagement and interest in the content or services offered by the website during that specific month.

Publii Users by Region

CountryNo. of sites
United States2,275
United Kingdom197

Popular sites using Publii



Wrap Up


In conclusion, the number of Publii users reflects a substantial and growing community that spans various websites and popularity ranges. With a significant presence among different Alexa ranking brackets, Publii has garnered widespread adoption among content management systems.

The data suggests a positive trajectory for Publii, showcasing its appeal and effectiveness in catering to diverse user needs. As the user base continues to expand, Publii remains a noteworthy player in the realm of website creation and management.

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