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Firefox Usage Statistics 2024 (New Data)



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As of August 2023, Firefox has secured its position as the 4th most popular web browser globally. Notably, in November 2009, Firefox experienced a peak usage share of 32.21% with the introduction of Firefox 3.5, surpassing Internet Explorer 7. 

Despite facing a decline in usage share following the launch of Google Chrome, Firefox has resiliently maintained its status as the fourth most utilized web browser worldwide. 

This blogpost delves into key Firefox statistics, shedding light on its enduring presence in the competitive web browser market.

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What is Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox, a web browser crafted by the Mozilla Corporation in 2002 under the guidance of David Hyatt and Joe Hewitt, stands as a versatile cross-platform browser accessible on various devices such as mobile phones, computers, tablets, and more. 

It extends its compatibility to operating systems like Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and macOS. 

Over the years, Mozilla Firefox has witnessed a surge in popularity, evolving into the world's second most utilized web browser, boasting a user base exceeding 500 million.

Its widespread adoption across different platforms underscores its significance in the digital realm.

General Firefox Facts & Statistics


- Global User Base: Firefox commands a substantial global presence with a user base exceeding 250 million.

- Mobile Popularity: The Android version of Firefox has achieved remarkable success, amassing over 100 million downloads.

- Volunteer Contribution: Demonstrating its collaborative ethos, Firefox sees significant input from volunteers, with 40% of its source code crafted by contributors.

- International Reach: Emphasizing its global appeal, more than half of Firefox users opt for non-English versions, reflecting its diverse and widespread usage.

- Tracking Protection Adoption: Approximately 1.3% of Firefox users actively utilize the browser's tracking protection feature, underlining a commitment to user privacy and security.

- Firefox boasts approximately 362 million users globally, solidifying its position as the fourth most-used web browser worldwide as of April 2022.

- Volunteer contributors have contributed significantly, writing around 40% of the Firefox source code.

- Non-English versions cater to over 50% of Firefox users, emphasizing its global accessibility.

- The mobile version of Firefox has garnered over 100 million installations on the Android platform, establishing its popularity in the mobile browser market.

- Tracking protection, a privacy feature, has been activated by approximately 1.3% of Firefox users.

- Firefox commands a 3.14% market share in the competitive browser landscape, contributing to its prominent status.

- In the mobile browser market, Firefox holds a 0.48% share, reflecting its presence on mobile devices.

- As of August 2023, Firefox has secured its position as the fourth most popular web browser globally.

- Users engage with Firefox for an average of approximately 5 hours per day, indicating its significance in daily internet activities.

- According to, the Internet Browsers Market is projected to grow from USD 201.9 billion in 2022 to USD 998.1 billion by 2032.

- Among websites, com receives the highest direct traffic, constituting 68.89% of its overall traffic sources.

Firefox Statistics by Demographics


As of 2023, Firefox exhibits a user base with a gender distribution of 59.03% male and 40.97% female. Within this user demographic, a significant majority falls within the age range of 25 to 34 years, comprising 24.8% of the overall user population.

Firefox Usage Statistics & Facts

- The mobile version of Firefox has surpassed 100 million installations on the Android platform, indicating widespread adoption.

- Firefox boasts nearly 362 million users worldwide, holding a 3.14% market share and ranking as the fourth most popular global web browser. However, it faces challenges retaining users against the dominance of Google Chrome.


- Firefox accounts for 0.48% of the mobile browser market share, with the majority of users accessing the Firefox mobile app, according to early 2022 statistics.


- Volunteer contributions play a significant role in Firefox's development, with around 40% of the source code being written by more than 1,000 volunteers.

- In Africa, Firefox holds a notable market share of 3.82%, as per March 2022 statistics, reflecting its presence in the region.


- As of September 2022, Firefox captures 3.52% of the browser market share in the United States, securing the fourth position among web browsers.


- Globally, Firefox maintains a desktop browser market share of around 7.28%, solidifying its position as a prominent desktop browser.


- Firefox is the third most used web browser in Germany, commanding a market share of 10.91%, as indicated by the latest browser usage statistics.


-, the official website, has attracted 84.4 million visitors, experiencing a 1.07% increase in traffic in September 2022.


- Firefox utilizes more resources compared to Google Chrome, consuming up to 1722 MB of storage space, whereas Chrome uses around 900 MB.


- Mozilla Firefox offers users control over their browser functionality through various add-ons, including Ghostery, Adblock Plus, uBlock Origin, Lightshot, uMatrix, Clippings, Grammarly, Dark Reader, GreaseMonkey, and Video Speed Controller.

- Firefox boasts 563 extensions, showcasing its flexibility and customization options for users, while Chrome has over 200,000 extensions.


- Firefox is accessible in 89 languages, contributing to its global reach and user inclusivity.


- Over 600 institutes in 57 nations have students serving as Mozilla Campus Representatives, emphasizing Firefox's community engagement and outreach.


- The Mozilla community-powered site known as SUMO assists an average of 10,000 Firefox users per week, highlighting the active support and assistance provided to the user community.


Firefox Revenue Statistics

In 2020, approximately 86% of Mozilla's revenue was derived from its search agreement with Google, showcasing a slight decrease from the previous year, 2019. 

Looking ahead to 2024, Mozilla anticipated surpassing $600 million in revenue. In 2022, the company achieved a total revenue of $480 million through various streams, including advertising partnerships, search contracts, and subscriptions. 


These statistics underline Mozilla's financial reliance on its collaboration with Google and its diverse revenue channels.



In recent years, Mozilla Firefox has experienced a notable decline in its browser market share. To sustain and grow its user base, the browser requires increased adoption of its services and features. Despite facing challenges, Firefox remains relevant to many users, particularly due to its robust privacy features. Ongoing innovation by Mozilla is geared towards enhancing user experience and contributing to the overall development of the web. However, there is a recognized need for Mozilla to diversify its revenue streams, reducing reliance on search agreements. For users seeking a privacy-focused internet experience, Mozilla Firefox stands out as a compelling choice.