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Canva Statistics, User Count and Facts (2024)

According to research from startup, it was recorded that Canva reached 135 million active monthly users in 2023, growing from 24 million users in 2019 to 150 million and such a milestone has made the company become the 10th World's Most Innovative Company of 2022.  

Canva is an Australian design and publishing tool created by Melanie Perkins, who was 19 years old when she founded the company in 2013. Today, Canva has grown into a globally recognized brand. 

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General Canva usage statistics 

Canva reached 135 million active monthly users in 2023, growing from 24 million users in 2019 to 150 million.

- The target audience includes over 50 million students and teachers, with a vibrant community of designers and design enthusiasts.

- Gender distribution is relatively balanced, with around 55% female and 45% male users.

- The 25-34 age bracket dominates Canva's user demographic at 34%, followed by the 18-24 cohort at 30%.

- Canva facilitated over 15 billion designs since 2013, with 10 billion in the last two years and 3.5 billion in 2021 alone.

- Monthly design creation on Canva has grown, reaching over 292 million designs in 2021.

Canva Stats

- Approximately 800,000 teams actively invest in a Canva subscription for premium features.


- Estimated 1 billion presentations and slide shows have been created on Canva.

- Top industries using Canva include Higher Education (28.4%), Non-profit Organizations (13.0%), and Marketing and Advertising (12.2%).

- Canva is embraced in 97.4% of nations globally, with the United States leading in popularity (16.34% of traffic).

- Canva's workforce has grown to over 3,500 employees globally, with strategic hubs in the United States, London, Manila, Sydney, Wuhan, and Beijing.

Canva stats

- In 2023, Canva achieved a revenue run rate of $1.7 billion and has garnered over $500 million in funding from investors like Blackbird Ventures and Sequoia Capital.


How many people use Canva monthly? 

In  2023, Canva boasted a thriving community with 135 million active monthly users. Canva achieved a noteworthy feat, surpassing 100 million monthly active users in October 2021 and adding another 10 million by the close of 2022.

The platform's growth trajectory is evident, evolving from 24 million users in 2019 to 150 million as of the latest update.

This impressive milestone reflects the platform's widespread appeal, highlighting its success in providing accessible and innovative design solutions to a vast and engaged audience.

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Who is the target audience for canva 

It is estimated that over 50 million students and teachers use the platform. Canva's vibrant user community, comprising both designers and design enthusiasts, a nuanced segmentation emerges based on distinct usage patterns.

Notably, educators stand out as a key demographic, harnessing Canva's versatile features to craft engaging worksheets, eye-catching infographics, and visually compelling posters. This showcases the tool's dynamic utility across diverse creative pursuits.

Gender based usage statistics on canva 

Examining the gender distribution among Canva's user base reveals a relatively balanced landscape, with around 55% identifying as female and 45% as male.


This equitable representation underscores Canva's universal appeal, affirming that people of all genders appreciate and embrace the diverse creative offerings the platform provides.

What is the age demography of most canva users 

Canva's user demographic is dominated by the vibrant energy of the 25-34 age bracket, constituting a substantial 34% of the platform's enthusiasts.

Following closely, the 18-24 cohort adds its creative flair, comprising 30% of Canva's dynamic user base.

While older generations are yet to fully embrace Canva's charms, the winds of change suggest the potential for broader appeal over time.

How many designs have been created on Canva? 

Since its inception in 2013, Canva has facilitated the creation of over 15 billion designs, with a remarkable 10 billion crafted in just the last two years.


Impressively, more than 200 designs are made every second, totaling over 8.6 million daily. In 2021 alone, Canva reported a staggering 3.5 billion designs generated throughout the year. 

How many designs are created in Canva per month throughout the years?

Over the course of successive years, the monthly design creation on Canva has witnessed significant growth. In 2023, the platform recorded an impressive tally of approximately 130 million designs monthly.

The subsequent year, 2020, saw a notable surge with over 166 million designs crafted per month. Continuing this upward trajectory, 2021 marked a substantial increase, reaching an impressive monthly creation of over 292 million designs.

How many paid users does Canva have? 

The substantial uptake of Canva's premium features is unmistakably evident, as approximately 800,000 teams actively invest in a Canva subscription.


This robust user base highlights the widespread recognition of the platform's value proposition, emphasizing the appeal and utility of its premium offerings.

The growing number of subscribing teams signifies a discerning acknowledgment of the enhanced capabilities and advantages that come with a Canva premium subscription, underlining the platform's significance in meeting diverse creative needs.

How many presentations have been created with Canva?

Canva has witnessed the birth of 1 billion presentations and slide shows, a testament to its widespread impact on creativity.

What are the top industries that are using Canva?

Drawing insights from a sample of 500 companies, the utilization of Canva spans various industries.

Predominantly, the Higher Education sector leads with 28.4% representation, followed by Non-profit Organizations at 13.0%, and Marketing and Advertising at 12.2%.

Other prominent sectors embracing Canva include Information and Technology Services (9.8%), Education Management (9.0%), and Computer Software (6.4%).

This diverse industry adoption reflects Canva's versatile appeal across sectors, catering to the creative needs of a broad spectrum of businesses.

Which countries have the most users on Canva

Canva's vast global community extends across continents, offering millions of creators a visual platform for self-expression. Remarkably, the app is embraced in 97.4% of nations globally.

The United States leads in popularity, generating 16.34% of the app's traffic, closely followed by Brazil and Mexico with 8.2% and 7.62% of users, respectively.

India secures its place in the top 5, contributing 4.15% to Canva's diverse user base. This widespread adoption reflects Canva's universal appeal, fostering creativity on a global scale.

How many employees does Canva have?  

Amidst a growing demand for its application, Canva has responded by expanding its workforce. Particularly noteworthy is the surge in hiring during the COVID era, aligning with heightened demand.

Presently, Canva boasts a global team exceeding 3,500 employees, a substantial increase from the 2,500-strong workforce in 2021, with 1,350 new hires that year alone.

Significantly, a significant portion of Canva's workforce is situated in the United States, while key hubs include London, Manila, Sydney, Wuhan, and Beijing, among other strategic locations.

This strategic distribution underscores Canva's commitment to building a diverse and dynamic team to support its global operations, reflecting the company's adaptability to meet evolving demands.

What is Canva annual revenue 

Notably, in 2023, Canva achieved a remarkable revenue run rate of $1.7 billion, further solidifying its position as a powerhouse in the design solutions landscape.


Similarly, having garnered more than $500 million in funding, Canva stands fortified with significant investments from key players such as Blackbird Ventures, Sequoia Capital, and General Catalyst.

This robust financial support cements Canva as the preferred choice for individuals, small enterprises, and large organizations seeking a seamless and efficient platform for professional design creation. 


Beyond sheer numbers, Canva's impact extends to education, attracting over 50 million students and teachers who leverage its versatile features for educational materials.

The platform's dynamic utility is further underscored by a vibrant community of designers and enthusiasts, showcasing its ability to cater to diverse creative pursuits.

Canva's usage statistics transcend mere data points—they paint a vivid picture of a platform that has revolutionized visual communication on a global scale.

The numbers are not just statistics; they represent millions of stories, designs, and ideas brought to life through the lens of creativity. Canva stands as a testament to the power of democratizing design, making it accessible and impactful for everyone.


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